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Welcome to the CFHTLS @ CADC!


The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey (CFHTLS) is a major imaging project aimed at solving some fundamental astrophysical questions in our understanding of planetary systems and the distant Universe. More than 450 nights of CFHT time will be devoted to the Survey over the next five years. The Survey makes use of the new MegaPrime imager at CFHT.

The CFHTLS project is a collaboration between the CFHT corporation, le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique de France, le Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique and the National Research Council of Canada.

The CFHTLS Steering Group is responsible for the planning and execution of the Survey

Please go to the official CFHTLS home page for more details.


MegaPrime is a new prime focus environment for the 3.6-m Canada France Hawaii Telescope. MegaPrime is made up of two primary components. The first component is a new upper end comprising a new wide field corrector, an image stabilizing unit and a guiding/focusing unit. The second component is MegaCam, a new mosaic camera offering a 1 degree x 1 degree field with a resolution of 0.18"/pixel. MegaPrime is a CFHT project, funded through an instrumentation fund by the Canadian and French Agencies (NRC and CNRS/INSU). Observatoire de Paris and HIA (Victoria) were contracted for the design and fabrication of some of the MegaPrime components. MegaCam was built in France by CEA.

Data Storage at CADC

Data processing and handling is under the responsibility of the Data Oversight Group (DOG) which includes members from CFHT, TERAPIX and CADC.

All MegaPrime images and associated meta-data are stored on-line at CADC. CADC is the sole distribution site for the Survey data.

Data Distribution

CFHTLS data distribution is subject to a policy established by the CFHT Board of Directors. If you are an eligible CFHTLS user, you can register here if you have not done so already. You must be a registered CFHTLS user to access proprietary CFHTLS data.